Mayday by Ida is making highly political handmade artisan jewelry in Brooklyn, NY. The shop is run by two committed artist/activists.

Mayday by Ida is a completely worker-owned cooperative, entirely operated by two committed artist/activists, in Brooklyn, NY. All the jewelry is designed, hand-fabricated, hand-modeled, and hand-finished by jewelry designer Ida Maydae. 

If you are part of an organization that would like to collaborate on a piece as a way to raise funds for political work, please contact us! We want to pay our bills, but we also want our art to play a part in movement-building, both culturally and materially.

We try to keep our wearable art as affordable as possible, since we are keenly aware that most of our comrades are struggling to pay the rent. However, nothing is ever too good for the working class.

We often run sales, though we ask comrades who can afford to forgo sale prices to do so, since it allows us to subsidize discounted prices for those who cannot afford the regular prices.

The worker must have bread, but they must have roses, too!
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